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Window to your highest expectations

PVC Window Bayer 88+ AluClip is an upgrade of the system Bayer 88+.

It has an added aluminum cover on the outer side, which increases its already solid static structure and provides customers with the option to choose the profile color of their own choice.

Windows made of PVC profiles 88+ AluClip are also suitable for passive houses. With the installation of the three-layer insulating glass of thermal conductivity Ug=0,5W/m2K, the thermal conductivity of the window reduces to incredible Uw=0,73W/m2K.

The advantages of Window Bayer 88+ AluClip

  • highly insulating, 6-chamber central thermal sealing system covered with aluminum cover
  • PVC profile with aluminum cover 88 mm/93 mm
  • window thermal conductivity Uw > 0,73 W/m2K
  • 3 sealing levels provide for better tightness against rain and better windproof properties with additional sealing under the glass
  • a wide selection of aluminum and PVC profile colors and glass
  • possibility to integrate implants into profiles to get even better insulation
  • Winkhaus fittings
  • hardware/fittings lie protected behind the center seal
  • PVC profiles are lead–free
  • zinc-coated steel reinforcement
  • a good choice for modern architecture
  • better static performance
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PVC Window Bayer 88+ AluClip has a two-layer 4-16-4 thermal insulating glass filled with argon with thermal conductivity Ug=1,0 W/m2K. With this glass the window has thermal conductivity Uw=1,19 W/m2K. On customer request there is a possibility to get better glass insulation (for example, in case of Ug=0,5 W/m2K, the thermal conductivity for the whole window would be Uw=0,73 W/m2K).

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For windows hardware/fitting we use Winkhaus ActivPilot hardware with upgrade option to security level WK2. Our basic fittings include:

  • variable tilt opening, which enables mini ventilation of approx. 20 – 45 mm in the tilt position
  • support plate for lifting the sash during closing
  • security aluminum half-olive
  • basic security system
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Warranty period for windows Bayer 88+ AluClip

  • 10 years warranty period for the durability of the PVC profile and fittings
  • 5 years warranty period for insulating glass.
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With PVC Window Bayer 88+ AluClip customers can choose among the variety of colors for the aluminum cover and the PVC profile.

In addition to basic RAL colors in mat and high gloss version, we can also supply any kind of other colors according to customer specific requirements. The aluminum cover is either powder coated or anodized.