kvalitetna vhodna vrata

The door is a mirror of your home, the first contact of a guest with your home.

Show yourself and others that you do not make compromises when it comes to a decisive element of your home. A high level of security, easy handling with various upgrade options, and top design are expected from the entrance door.

Bayer’s entrance door offers you all this and more, in short, only the best. Thanks to high-quality profiles and fittings installed in the door, they protect your home from potential intruders while offering high thermal insulation.

When you become a proud owner of the Bayer’s entrance doors, you will feel like a king in your home.

8 reasons why you should decide to buy our PVC and PVC-ALU entrance doors

  • extremely sturdy ALU doorstep with a thermal closure,
  • the additionally reinforced corners of the door wings provide long-lasting uninterrupted use and prevent the sagging,
  • the GU Automatic fittings, which at the moment of closing the doors, release three flaps installed at different heights, which in addition to improving the safety ensures seamless sealing of the doors,
  • the thickness of the inserted door fillers starts at 40mm,
  • the hinges are adjustable in three directions and have a high load capacity,
  • a large selection of door fillers – both classic and overhead fillers,
  • possibility of electrification of fittings,
  • possibility of opening with a fingerprint, keyboard

AluClip Zero entrance door

The prestigious doors of the highest quality class will convince you at every glance and touch. A special, innovative outside structure on the allows the outer line of the door wing to be aligned. This construction provides the door with extraordinary stability and solidity, resistant to weather influences.

The filler thickness is 86mm.

If you want only the best then select the ALU CLIP ZERO door.

ALU - PVC doors with cover fillers

You want a complete aluminum door because you like their elegant appearance.

No unnecessary edges visible on doors with insertion fillers? Then select the door with a cover filler.

The filler thickness is 66mm.

A wide range of models, top design and manufacture will definitely fit your new home.

ALU-PVC door with insertion fillers

If you want a more elegant look of the entrance doors offered by the cold Aluminium, take a look at our ALU-PVC doors available.

Doors with ALU-insertion fillers are covered with ALU linings on the outside. PVC construction provides excellent thermal insulation properties, while aluminium gives it a prestigious look.

The filler thickness is 40mm.

Entrance door with inserting fillers

Over a hundred different models that can be combined with all the available wood decors ensure that you will find your new entrance door among them.

The filler thickness is 40mm.

PVC type front door

Their appearance is classical and they are often installed into buildings that are being adapted.

The thickness of the filler is 24 – 40mm.

Entrance door properties

The basic construction of the entrance door is the Kömmerling PVC profile, specially designed to withstand heavy loads, due to increased weight and everyday use.

The profile is strengthened by metal tube reinforcements. Three-point GU Automatic fittings automatically trigger three closures when the door is closed, providing a high level of security and preventing the possible bending of the door. The fittings can be upgraded with a motorized drive, fingerprint reader, keyboard … Of course, it is also possible to install even more affordable fittings with a five-point lock.

Double closing and sealing around the entire perimeter of the door – even on a patented ALU doorstep with a broken thermal bridge.

The doors are usually equipped with Hoppe door handles and we also offer many INOX door knobs of different shapes and lengths.

Example models of entrance doors

For more models visit here.