Venetian Blinds are a shading system consisting of differently shaped horizontal aluminum slats, which can be tilted, lowered, or pulled up by choice. Their greatest advantage, compared to the roller blinds, is that by tilting the slats, the room is not completely dark, even when the blinds are lowered.

zunanje žaluzije

Roller Blinds

You can choose between Indoor ALU Blinds that can be mounted on the inner side of the window casement, and the Outdoor ALU Blinds that can be mounted on the outer side of the window casement.


Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds are among the best-selling shading systems.
With their tested construction and easy maintenance, they are a popular choice of investors, both for adaptations and new buildings. Their advantages in comparison with other shading systems are better thermal and acoustic isolation, greater burglar security, and easier maintenance. Last but not least, due to the compact design, they are extremely durable. Roller mosquito sheets can be installed in all types of roller blinds, which increases their usefulness.
With roller blinds we can dim the room completely.



Awnings can be used on porches, backyards, balconies or in front of your business place with a big banner of your business name.

lamelne zavese

Lamellar Curtains

Lamellar curtains are a great way to protect your interior from the Sun and also add aesthetically pleasing look to your room. Lamels are colored with anti-static paint which prevents dust from collecting on them.

Insect Sheets

Insect sheets are designed to protect the room from mosquitoes, flies and other annoying insects.
We offer several different types of insect sheets. What they all have in common is that they are made from durable ALU fibers, available in different colors. You can choose between different types of nets (standard nets, ALU nets, nets that block pollen, etc.).


Interior used shutters are incredibly good looking addon for your windows and the room itself since they can be made in any color and textures. Shutters protect your from unwanted views from outside and from hot summer Sun beams.