Okno Bayer 88

The Bayer 88 windows represent a cutting-edge product that meets all the requirements of modern facilities.

If you want something unique and cost-effective, choose an innovative window of the future, that offers high sound and thermal insulation, and exceptional security in a sleek design that fits your desires.

The Bayer 88 windows, with technical values such as energy efficiency, are clearly better than comparable systems. A modern, high-quality windows system is durable and easy to maintain. This will make you enjoy your new windows for a long time.

Advantages of Bayer 88 Premium PVC windows

  • High-quality 7-chamber system,
  • PVC window system with 88mm depth of installation,
  • Window frame width: 88mm. Window sash width: 88mm,
  • Thermal insulation profile, Uf = from 0.95 W / m2K,
  • Excellent thermal insulation values: Uw value up to 0.72 W / (m2K),
  • Suitable for passive houses, in accordance with IFT Guideline WA-15/2,
  • Durable and easy to clean,
  • Classic white PVC, possible with foil in wooden or metal shades,
  • The new high resolution meets the energy-saving requirements for thermal insulation of passive houses,
okovje okna bayer 88

Bayer 88 Premium window fittings

The functionality and security of the windows are decisively influenced by the fittings.

In the manufacture of PVC windows, we use top-quality ActivPilot fittings, made by the German manufacturer WinkHaus, which provides high-security protection. The system is designed so that it can be easily upgraded in accordance with your individual safety requirements for your home and family.

Excellent 3-level sealing keeps out draft, dust, and rain and ensures optimum thermal insulation.

All of our windows contain:

  • multi-stage ventilation adapters that allow window sills to tilt at different angles,
  • an additional element for the wing positioning and preventing an incorrect opening,
  • a safety system, which prevents the forced raising of the wing when the window is closed and powder-coated aluminum hook

Window glazing

The Bayer window offers excellent sound insulation with a 7-chamber technology with a large reinforcement chamber in the profile, innovative sealing technology, sound-insulating glazing, and professional installation.

Modern three-layer glazing or functional glass with a thickness of up to 56mm ensure the highest degree of sound insulation. This way you can enjoy your home in peace.

garancija na okna 88


You can choose between many window colours, as well as among various wooden decors. To choose the colours, we use the RAL scale.

Irish Oak – a new window colour

If the standard window colour palette on the Slovenian market is not enough and you want something more, then take a looks at the BAYER PVC windows in the new IRISH OAK colour. These windows will definitely not leave you indifferent, because the IRISH OAK colour is the best approximation to the wooden window.

10-year-warranty on the weld strength, profile stability in all colours and wood decors, as well as the fittings.

5-year-warranty on the gas-filled glazing.