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With the Bayer 76 windows, we can create a living environment that optimally reflects your personal preferences.

The Bayer 76 windows meet all requirements for design, functionality, statics and thermal insulation, while the materials selected are environmentally friendly and durable.

The windows provide added value to your property – high quality, environmentally-friendly materials and lasting comfort. In combination with the adequate glazing, they provide optimal noise protection and thus improved quality of life.

Benefits of the Bayer 76 windows

  • 5-chamber Kömmerling 76 profile,
  • frame and wing width of 76 mm,
  • thermal insulation of the Uf profile from 1.1 W / m2K,
  • thermal insulation window Uw from 0.77 W / m2K,
  • 3 seals – two between the
  • wing and frame and an innovative third one under the glass, which reduces the thermal bridge,
  • elegant profiles allow more glass surfaces and therefore more light in the room,
  • quality surface profile allows easy cleaning,
  • the option of installation of insulating glass with a thickness of up to 48 mm,
  • in combination with sound insulating glass, the window sound insulation reaches up to 47 dB,
  • corrosion-proof steel reinforcements built into the middle chamber of the PVC profile in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines,
  • top-quality German Winkhaus fittings with multi-stage ventilation,
  • excellent price-quality ratio.
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Bayer 88 76 Comfort window fittings

In the manufacture of PVC windows we use the top-quality ActivPilot security fittings made by the German manufacturer WinkHaus. High quality, safety fittings (sponge system around the entire perimeter of the window) ensure high security for your home, and the fittings can be upgraded to the WK2 class upon request.
It should be emphasized that all windows include:

  • multi-stage ventilation adapters that allow window sills to tilt at different angles,
  • an additional element for the wing positioning and preventing an incorrect opening,
  • a safety system, which prevents the forced raising of the wing when the window is closed and powder-coated aluminum hook

Window glazing

In the Bayer 76 PVC windows, a double-layer of 4-16-4 thermal insulating glass is installed, with the thermal conductivity Ug = 1,0 W / m2K.

At the customer’s request, we can also install different glass versions, up to glass 4-18-4-18-4, Ug = 0,5 W / m2K with a warm edge spacer, achieving window thermal insulation up to 0,77 W / m2K .

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PVC Windows Bayer 76 Comfort are available in three colors: white, golden and dark oak.

10-year-warranty on the weld strength, profile stability in all colours and wood decors, as well as the fittings.

5-year-warranty on the gas-filled glazing.